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Air Conditioning Repair 

Trusted Car Air conditioning repair services for all vehicles

There are a number of reasons for your car air condition problem only a reliable vehicle air condition repairer in Meath and Louth area can fix.  Over the years serving car owners, we’ve come across a number of issues that can lead to a broken or under performing car AC: from “the guy with an exotic car that had his date ruined because of a bad AC compressor” to “the family car that suddenly had a coolant leak just before the summer road trip.”  Yours might be different whether it is a clogged condenser, low level of coolant in the AC system, or an AC that refuses to blow cool air.  Whatever the reason, our experienced AC repair technicians will quickly identify and solve the problem.


Did you know your car air conditioning system needs to be serviced every 2 years?

60% of us are driving with poor performing air conditioning!

A busted AC is a big hassle for every car owner because the heat can be exhausting and unhealthy.  Plus, it can divide your attention increasing the risk of accidents which is dangerous.  This is why it is imperative to have your broken car AC fixed sooner than later.  Ignoring your vehicle’s air condition problems is not only bad practice, it can quickly lead to huge issues that is costly.

Allow our highly skilled technicians go over the entire AC system of your vehicle and after the problem has been known, you will be given a price. You can decide from there whether you want to go on with the repairs or not.

By servicing and re-gasing your air condition system you can:

  • Breath cleaner air by removing 80% of dust and toxins.

  • Help relieve Asthma, Hay fever, and other allergies.

  • Reduce build-up of disease causing microbes such as bacteria and fungi spores  in vents.

  • Improve fuel consumption and save more.

  • Keep glass clear and clean thus improving safety and aesthetics

  • Calm young children on long hot journeys

  • Avoid costly repair bills

Air conditioning is prone to organic growth within the air handling components. This would include wide range of moulds, bacteria’s, etc.  DIY or supermarket gas loading may lead to overloading and further failures of the system.  To ensure delivery of adequate air quality within your vehicle and avoid costly expenses, it is recommended to follow the complete service procedure.

For: Cars, Vans, & Hybrid Vehicles

Air conditioning service procedure:

  • Removal and cleaning of the refrigeration agent R134a

  • Removal of the used oil circulating in the a/c installation

  • Vacuum drying of the system

  • Pressure test installation

  • Filling installation with new oil

  • Filling installation with refrigeration agent R134a and adding UV contrast

  • A/C test

We proide reliable solution to some common car AC problems, don’t suffer the inconvenience, our services can identify and fix the following AC issues that might be affecting your vehicle:

  • Refrigerant Leaks

  • Electrical problems

  • Faulty compressor

  • Blocked Air Filters

These common car air conditioning repair task will be completed by our qualified AC mechanics.

What to expect from a professional car AC repair:

  • Convenience save - time, and hit the road quicker than you expect.

  • Reasonable prices - you’ll be hard pressed to find an AC repair service with a fairer price in the Meath and Louth Area.

  • Transparency - no hidden charges, no propaganda, just honest professional car AC services

  • Safety and security - trusted and fully vetted technicians

  • Satisfaction - we are not satisfied unless you are, so we go the extra mile to ensure we get it right

Car air conditioning problems could prove difficult and expensive without the right help. Luckily, we have the pre-requisite knowledge and experience to fix your vehicle AC system.  We’ll be glad to provide you with quality car air conditioning repair solution.

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