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Free Safety Check

Despite all the advancement in auto technology and traffic regulations, it is important to take advantage of our free safety checks to significantly reduce the risk of an accident or an unfortunate mishap.

A five point health check for your car

It is easy to take our vehicles for granted until major incidence happens.  However that should not be the case. Don’t be deceived because you feel your vehicle is performing well, what you may not realise is that below the surface, danger might be lurking that will endanger you and your loved ones.

That’s why it’s imperative you have your car checked regularly.  At ED Autos we want to see you safe and alive that’s why we offer free car safety checks.

Book our safety check to take advantage of the services of our qualified and certified mechanics. They will inspect and review the components, make, and model of your car taking into consideration its peculiarities and relevant manufacturer service instructions.

Our safety checks will cover the following parts of your vehicle for free:

• Tyres

• Brakes

• Shocks

• Lights/levels

• Wipers

We will provide you with a detailed no-strings-attached report on completion of the safety check. The report will outline all details observed as well as professional suggestions as what need to be done to improve the performance and safety of your car.

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