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Car Servicing


From Only €99

Most dependable mechanics providing superb car servicing and maintenance services in Meath, Louth, and surrounding areas

Protect your vehicle with professional car maintenance, inspections and engine Tune-Ups.  We are here to make things as simple and convenient for you as we possibly can and to provide you the best car service at the most reasonable price in Meath and the Louth area.  


A great car maintenance service and routine car servicing will ensure all the vital parts are in tip-top condition. Like every car owner know for sure, owning a vehicle comes with its baggage of bills that’s why at ED Autos, we strive to help car owners eliminate the burden of additional expenses by providing reliable car maintenance and servicing done by experienced, certified, and passionate mechanics.

  • By using the latest tools and equipment such as diagnostic kits, we eliminate any risk of poor services that will end up making you spend more money.

  • Our professional mechanics can handle the complex mechanisms of any type of car.

  • We provide a wide-range of services to keep your vehicle as efficient and new as possible.

Benefits of car servicing and maintenance by professional mechanics in Meath and Louth

  1. It is important to note that even car manufacturers strongly recommend you service your car regularly to prolong its lifespan.

  2. If you decide to sell it, you can be sure of getting a higher price since the vehicle will look and perform like new.

  3. Car servicing will help you take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty.

  4. It also ensures you get maximum value for your investment since it ensures the efficiency and prolongs the life of your vehicle,

  5. Servicing will help you avoid problems such as engine not starting in the morning or breaking down mid use.

  6. Routine and regular car servicing will catch developing problems early before they develop into permanent or bigger issues that will cost more money in repairs or replacement.

  7. When you service your vehicle, you will enjoy driving it regardless of the conditions or the purpose.

  8. It also results in efficient fuel consumption

  9. Servicing your car is a way to help the environment since it reduces CO2 emissions.

Get the best car servicing and maintenance service near you

You can schedule a car service by calling one of our helpful professional staff at ED Autos.

Your car will be inspected and serviced according to our itemised service schedule using only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) standard quality parts.  Each point will be thoroughly checked by our qualified technicians.  All the work we do is covered by a 12 months parts and labour guarantee.  If our inspection identifies advisory work, we’ll contact you for further instructions and quote for parts and labour.  You’re under no obligation at all to have any extra work done by us.  Once the work has been completed, we’ll carry out a further quality control check to ensure everything’s been covered.  Your service book will then be stamped and kept fully compliant with your car’s warranty.

Our car servicing/maintenance services covers the following:

  • Oil Change and oil filters

  • Problems affecting the cooling system including the radiator and water pumps

  • The brakes and all its systems

  • Gearbox problems

  • All vehicle electrical and electronic issues

  • Engine performance tune up

When to Schedule Furnace Maintenance

There is no clear cut time to service your car as this depends on use and make. However it is recommended you visit at least once a month to have your car inspected and serviced.

Why you should choose ED Autos for the best results

  • Experienced and trustworthy mechanics that will get it right for you the first time.

  • World class garage with cutting edge tools and equipment that aid in quick and accurate diagnoses and solutions.

  • No hidden charges.

  • We offer discounts and our prices are highly competitively priced therefore we are your sure bet to save more money servicing your vehicle.

  • Enjoy extended service warranties

  • Experience excellent customer support

Don’t wait until your car disappoints you the risk is too costly. Protect your car, get the most from it, and ensure your safety.  We are standing by to make all these happen for you contact us right away.

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