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Turbo Replacement

Give your car the boost with one of its kind turbo replacement service in Meeath, Louth and surrounding areas

Looking for reliable Turbo replacement near you? Replace your broken or malfunctioning turbocharger fast and effortlessly at ED Autos with a brand new genuine and affordable turbo to guarantee your car's superior performance.

We offer a wide range of turbochargers for different types of cars and needs.  Our products are high quality and backed by guaranty and warranty.  Looking for other related items? We provide turbo manifold, intercooler, waste gate and down pipes all under one roof so you don’t have to stress and spend additional expenses searching.

Get the best of Turbocharging

A turbocharger is the most effective way to increase your car’s engine power. By compressing gas for denser air intake into the engine, a turbocharger will result in thorough combustion in the car’s engine leading to increased power output from the engine.

The advantages of turbochargers

  • The turbocharged engine is smaller in size compared to a normal engine of the same power.

  • When driving in a mountainous area at lower gears, the car does not lose speed.

  • Turbocharged engine is quieter than the regular engines.

  • They are more economical when it comes to fuel consumption in racing cars

  • They also result in lower levels of emission compared to the regular engine of similar power output.

Unfortunately if your turbocharger is not working properly, you won’t be able to enjoy these advantages.  This is problem ED Autos set out to solve.  And you’ll quickly realise you made the right choice because:

  • Our engineers have incredible experience and expertise in handling and installing turbochargers for all kinds of cars which means you won’t suffer delays or botched services.

  • We don’t compromise on quality.  We use genuine authentic turbochargers and complementary parts so you can use it for longer periods thus getting value for your money’s worth.

  • Our garage is convenient, and well equipped to meet your needs and that of your vehicle

  • You’ll enjoy the most competitively priced turbo replacement service in the market.

  • We stand behind our services; we guaranty your satisfaction.

  • Clients have come to associate us with excellent customer support and quality service delivery

Turbo replacement that won’t disappoint

We are privilege to serve Meath, Louth and surrounding areas with high quality yet affordable turbo replacement services for years. We will be glad to help you meet all your turbocharger needs too.

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