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Pre NCT 

The National Car Test is a roadworthiness test that is expected for all cars to undergo in the Republic of Ireland.

Pre NCT Guarantee


The safety of vehicles has never been more in question as it is today. Our Pre-NCT offers same day comprehensive diagnosis of the condition of your vehicle.

Not only is the roadworthiness of your car is put to test, our services ensures that any defects present in your vehicle is identified. These include faulty brakes, suspension problem, and rusty bodywork among others.

Before you qualify for an NCT certificate however, the defects found in your vehicle must be repaired. And this is one area ED Autos shines through.

Pre NCT Check

A properly regulated car will be more reliable, run more efficiently and should use less fuel. NCT have a dedicated network of 47 test centres throughout the country.

We at E.D Autos would like to ensure that your car passes the NCT at the first examination keeping you safely on the road.

To help ensure this we offer a free pre NCT safety check where we check the car as the tester would and advise you on its good and bad points as well as any work that will need to be carried out to ensure your vehicle pass the test.

Pre-NCT guaranteed benefits

  • No retest fee if your car fails the NCT

  • The NCT helps to reduce the number of road accidents by pointing out defects like faulty brakes, worn tyres and defective headlight aim.

  • Enhanced air and environment quality results from reduced exhaust emissions.

  • Keeps the vehicle and driver compliant with law.

  • It improves the longevity of vehicles

  • Improved fuel  consumption efficiency

Avoid penalties and other legal punishment by having your valid NCT on your car. At ED Autos, we are your reliable partner in achieving this so contact us today for your pre-NCT- it is free of charge!

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